CEBADO hairdressing

Posted on July 7, 2017 Under News

Place: Passatge Domingo, Barcelona

Product: Flint Hi-Floor + CONTINUUM

Design: ZEN OAK

Interior Design: Nivel 3 Reformas

The Cebado hairdressing Brand has more than 100 salons including franchises, the one located in the Passatge Domingo in Barcelona is one of the busiest in the city of Barcelona. Not only they have an assiduous customers, but also foreign who do not hesitate to visit the salon thanks to the positive recommendations and ratings received.  

“We wanted to improve the image of our salon and give to our customers a pleasant environment. When they come to visit us our mission, apart from make them pretty, is to make that our customers forget all their problems they had during their journeys, while they enjoy a unique experience adapted and personalized to each one of them”.

 The person in charge of all the works took the decision to remodel the salon in order to give a more casual and corporative image.

“Before the remodelling we had installed a micro-cement pavement, as a consequence of the use and wear from the coming and goings of the people who temporarily stays in the salon the micro-cement was highly damaged and quickly deteriorated, we looked for a definitive solution. The environment where the beauty experience took place is as important as the experience itself. Once the remodelling was completed all the customers tell us how much the salon has improved with the new decoration”.

 FLINT’S team is ready to develop tailor-made solutions and customize products for any project of the wellness spaces.

“When we talked to the architect in charge of the remodelling, we asked him to use corporate colors to give an image according to the rest of the CEBADO salons, it was the architect himself who recommended us to use FLINT, from the entire collection we chose a grey shade that fit perfectly with the corporate image of the brand. We insisted that we wanted to customize and personalize all the areas, including the reception and the treatments zones”.

The combination of CONTINUUM and FLINT HI-FLOOR allows the best fit to each area and the transition between them are totally imperceptible, using HI-FLOOR in areas that waterproof is required and  CONTINUUM in the rest of the salon.

Customers often tend to move around the salon from one area to another, dressed in towels and robes that limit their mobility, all precautions to avoid slipping and falling are necessary, and both floors comply with anti-slip requirements.

 “Nobody from our staff or clients noticed the transition between one floor to another. They fit perfectly, the colors and textures are exactly the same. Customers walk around and we have the certain that they will not slip”.

A currently day in a hairdresser salon always involves a lot of concurrence, utensils and the use of very erosive products that can end up damaging a conventional floor. Also, we must not forget that there are areas that are in constant contact with water.

FLINT HI-FLOOR is a compact synthetic block featuring HPB technology resistant to water, steam, impact and wear, which can be applied in areas where the ease cleaning is mandatory to ensure a clean and hygienic appearance.

“The dyes we use for hair can stain any surface easily, we were looking for a floor that would be easy to clean any stain if by accident somebody spilled by accident any product.  Now we are not worried if we drop any product to the ground, we clean it at the moment and there is no trace of stain, the cleaning is very easy and does not require any special product”.

Even CONTINUUM and HI-FLOOR use a mechanical manual clipping system with Unilin L2C technology that has always been highly valued by professionals, both for its quick and intuitive installation as well as for its high strength and durability. It allows to remodel spaces in record time thanks to the quickly installation and this means that spaces do not have to close to the public for a long time.

“The floor was installed during the weekend, on Monday afternoon the salon was ready to open and it was not necessary to wait to start our normal activity including the use of hairdresser’s trolleys, actually we do the reform very fast”.

In these spaces of personal care, the possibility to combine design and functionality allows customers to feel very comfortable during their beauty treatments, they manage to disconnect from their problems and enjoy the experience.

“In our salon our customers are the most important for us, all our staff is involved to guarantee and satisfy their needs, make them look good and make them feel at home is possible thanks to the environment and the professionals who are part of our team”.