FLINT HI-FLOOR is the flooring of its category with better Dimensional Stability.

Posted on July 7, 2017 Under News

FLINT HI-FLOOR is the flooring of its category with better Dimensional Stability. The compact block HPB prevents swelling and deformation, this strength minimize the need for floor joints and guarantees its maximum Dimensional Stability.

The rest of conventional laminates with MDF and LVT vinyl floors shows significant changes against temperature change conditions.

On a normal day of any private residence, business, hotel, office,…, many factors contribute to change the standard conditions of those places. The factors could be changes of temperature given by the time of the day, season of the year, air conditioning, sunlight,…because of all these conditions many floorings are deformed due to the shrink and expand in excess. Flooring could suffer quality problems and show very poor appearance.

We realized test in which we subject to change the temperature of the planks, to the three types of flooring: Laminate MDF, Vinyl LVT and FLINT-HI FLOOR, starting from 10ºC until reaching 45ºC.

Discover in this video how FLINT HI-FLOOR expands 6 times less than an MDF Laminate and 21 times less than an LVT Vinyl.

The secret of the resistance of HI-FLOOR  flooring is its HPB (High Pressure Block) technology. This pressure process consists in subjecting the board’s core, made of cellulose fibers impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resins, to a pressure of 1,000 tons per m2 and a temperature of 150ºC.

The result is an ultra compact block, totally resistant to water, impact, fire, pressure and wear resistance. In fact, it mantains its original appearance even in extreme situations, in areas where the rest of laminate floors in the market, consisting of a central core of MDF o HDF or event Vinyl floor, can not be used with guarantees.

Hi-FLOORs are always waterproof. HPB technology guarantees its maximum dimensional stability, preventing swelling and deformation due to the continued exposure to moisture and even leaks. Also, allow to use the most common cleaning products, which facilitates its maintenance.

Watch in our Youtube channel the most rigorous test realized on FLINT HI-FLOOR and to other conventional floorings.