Mc. Donald’s

Posted on July 17, 2017 Under News

Place: Vilanova y La Geltrú

Mc.Donald’s was established in our country in 1981, from this year onwards the fast food chain just grow and open a myriad restaurants. Currently they have more than 500 establishments and 24,000 employees. It is not a secret that children, and not so children, enjoy with Mc.donalds’s menus and burgers. In the city of Vilanova and La Geltrú we found a Mc Donald’s where FLINT HI-FLOOR has been installed in the children’s area.

“Children come very excited with the idea to spend an agreeable afternoon eating their favourite food while playing in the kid’s area. It was mandatory that in the kid’s area the flooring that we installed was completely resistant and easily cleaning, because the little ones always take their food to play in the kid’s area and between games they stain the surface”.  

FLINT’s characteristics make its floors the best choice for any kind of space in business premises. This collection is the answer for anyone looking for flooring that combines the beauty of wood and other materials with the best qualities of resistance and ease of installation.

“During the day many customers come to visit us, some of them take a break from their journeys and have a fast lunch to return as soon as possible to their jobs, others prefer to come after the long workday. Sometimes they come alone and sometimes with their children. With such an influx we needed a flooring that complied with the hygiene and safety regulations set for the Mc Donald’s franchises”.

The people in charge for choosing the best flooring for Mc.Donald’s place the condition that the new flooring had to be very easy cleaning, resistant all type of scratches, impacts, blows and mostly waterproof. FLINT fulfils all the requirements and maintains its original appearance even in extreme situations and in areas where other floorings of the market cannot be used with guarantees.

“When we decided to remodel the flooring, we checked all the possibilities offered by the market, we immediately chose HI-FLOOR, we were able to choose from a great variety of finishes, textures and colors, all of them easy to clean and very resistant to the children’s games and toys”.

FLINT has a very extensive range of designs that recreate the beauty of natural floors, the collection is divided into Classics, Living Floor and The Stonist. This extensive range allows customers to find the most suitable flooring for every occasion.

“We were looking for a color combination that did not go out of style, we chose an avant-garde design, two different references that contrast but also match with each other. We decided to choose CANNELE OAK and PEARL TSUGA”.

When the remodeling is for the retail sector and for an important fast food’s chain there is no time to waste, close the restaurant to the public for an extended period is not an option. FLINT use a mechanical manual clipping system with Unilin L2C technology that has always been highly valued by professionals, both for its quick and intuitive installation as well as for its high strength and durability. It allows to remodel spaces in record time thanks to the quickly installation.

“Closing our space for a long time was not an option for us, fortunately in two days the entire remodeling  was completed and we were able to attend our customers, we did not have to wait for walking around the area, and the same day the remodelling was completed we had children running around there”.

FLINT’S collections can be customized to offer unique and exclusive solutions, adapting it to the specific needs of every project with personalised designs, surface textures and formats of unique widths and lengths.

“Being able to choose the color and texture desired in line to our corporate interior ensured the success of the project, the final result has been a comfortable and resistance space where families enjoy while their children play and eat their menus”.

A current day at Mc Donald’s always involves a great number of people, even more if we are talking about the children’s zone where food, sodas or sauces stain constantly any surfaces when falling. In those spaces, HI-FLOOR is the best ally for the cleaning team to eliminate all the stains that are left after each meal.

“Due to the hygienic and safety reasons is mandatory that our cleaning team keep always all surfaces clean, so for several times a day the floors are in constant contact with water and cleaning products, we have verified how FLINT resists the influx our establishment “.